• You are only purchasing the digital file. Not the printed art.

  • I will send you the full resolution picture by email/discord/twitter DM or dA note. It depends on your preference.

  • Be sure to save the picture (your computer, USB memory, cloud...) I clean my gallery and computer from time to time.

  • Works in progress (WIP). If you want a fast process update, please use Twitter DM or Discord with Osiimi#0212.

This is your chance to tell me what you want changed: expressions, details, etc. Please don't be shy if something really doesn't sit well with you.

I do my best to capture the character's personality but sometimes I do make mistakes, especially if it wasn't clear from the order.

  • I reserve the rights of cancelling your petition if I don't feel like drawing it or you have been proved troublesome in any way.

  • As an artist, my art is constantly evolving, there might be slight differences between the samples in my gallery and the illustration you will receive (linearts style, coloring method, composition...). They are very slight changes, but please keep that in mind.

  • By purchasing any of my services you're automatically accepting my Terms of Service and being obligated to follow them. As well as promising you won't request any Paypal chargeback.




  • As the artist, I hold every right to the produced artwork, so I may do whatever I wish with it, in example;

  1. Post/display the picture anywhere I want (giving you proper credit as the owner of the characters).         

  2. Promote myself with it in any place.

  3. Offer the digital files on Patreon, Gumroad, and similar sites for learning purposes.

  • As a commissioner you may:

  1. Repost the art on other sites (with no profit purposes). 

  2. Print the art and even make whatever merchandising you want as long as it's only for your personal use and not for sale.

  3. Use it as decoration for your deviantART, Facebook profile, Skype... as long as it's a personal account and you're not making any profit with it.

 You are not allowed to:


  1. Change, modify, trace, or use my works without my permission.         

  2. Reproduce the copyrighted artwork commercially (meaning-making money of it in any way) without permission/pay for commercial fees. 

  3. Take credit for the art.



  • I will only accept Paypal/Payoneer/Wire Bank Transfer.

  • Paypal payments will only be accepted in USD.

  • I will send full payment invoice before I start the artwork.

  • Do not send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed I can accept your commission. Always wait for my instructions first!

► SIZE ◄


  • You get the full digital picture in 300dpi (around 3000px to 4000px - .PNG, unless you request other format). 

  • If you want a bigger size, tell me for more detail.

 By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms outlined above.