Please fill out the form below and send it to

thicanimeartist@gmail.com or ErOsiimiStudio@gmail.com

If you do not have an existing artwork of the character you want to commission, please provide photo or image references.

Subject: Vtuber Commission Request for [Your Name]

References: If no ref, we will charge a fee, hope you can understand.

- Will you be using Vtube Studio: Y/N if not, what will you be using?

- Do you have a rigger in mind? Y/N if yes, who?

- Do you want my studio to rig it? Y/N
- Email for Paypal Invoice: 


 ▪ Refunds are allowed to be requested if the commission has not been started. No refunds otherwise. Please be sure of your request.

 ▪ We will send an invoice for the payment and it must be received in full before we start the commission. Partial payment can be discussed.


Prices are in USD. We accept payment via local bank transfer to our transferwise account or credit card via Payoneer. 50% required for the waitlist.

​ ▪ I try to prioritize existing Vtuber clients for upgrades, however, I won't always have availability. It's best to get every important aspect of your character in one go.


The prices below are for commercial use. 

for artwork only:

These include 5 small facial expressions. One front has layers cutting ready for rigging and back design.

HALF BODY: ~$3000

(Cuts off at thigh, includes hands, tails if any.)

FULL BODY: ~$4000

The cost will be affected by design complexity, accessories, extra elements eg. pets, wings etc. 


If no existing reference is provided, we can design the character but be aware of the fee for this case, it depends on the details. we will require photo/art references or a mood board for each part of the character. 

for rigging:

standard start from ~$650 

(Basic movement XYZ for head, body, mouth and eyes tracking)

COMPLEX contact for more details

(included standard rigging + physics hair, clothes, etc. optional: sad/happy/surprise trigger)


✔ We accept doing the rigging, with rigging fee (details below). 

✔ Requests more likely to be accepted:

✔ You will receive a .psd that is cut, cleaned and ready for rigging.

✔ We recommend you have an IOS Device with faceID to use Vtube Studio for the best use of the model.

▪ ​Vtubers take time. Delivery expectancy is around 1-2 weeks after confirming starting the artwork.

 ▪ Credit our Studio for the illustration.

 ▪ We will hand the rig-ready file to your rigger. If you want the file for other artists to potentially add additional outfits accessories etc to, that will be a one-off $500 fee for the .psd.

 ▪ Major adjustments late stage in the process will result in additional fees.

Kireina Pinky Fox V.1
Kireina Pinky Fox V.1

Elizabeth von Mountbatten
Elizabeth von Mountbatten

Kireina Pinky Fox V.1
Kireina Pinky Fox V.1