Please fill out the form below and send it to thicanimeartist@gmail.com

If you do not have an existing artwork of the character you want to commission, please provide photo or image references.

Subject: Vtuber Commission Request for [Your Name]

References: If no ref, I will charge fee, hope you can understand.

- Will you be using Vtube Studio: Y/N if not, what will you be using?

- Do you have a rigger in mind? Y/N if yes, who?

- Do you want my studio to rig it? Y/N
- Email for Paypal Invoice: 


 ▪ Refunds are allowed to be requested if the commission has not been started. No refunds otherwise. Please be sure of your request.

 ▪ I will send an invoice for the payment and it must be received in full before I start the commission. Partial payment can be discussed. Prices are in USD. I accept payment via local bank transfer to my transferwise account or credit card via Payoneer. 50% required for the waitlist.

​ ▪ I try to prioritize existing Vtuber clients for upgrades, however, I won't always have availability. It's best to get every important aspect of your character in one go.


Prices below are for commercial use. 

for artwork only:

These include 5 small facial expressions. One front has layers cutting ready for rigging and back design.

HALF BODY: ~$3000

(Cuts off at thigh, includes hands, tails if any.)

FULL BODY: ~$4000

The cost will be affected by design complexity, accessories, extra elements eg. pets, wings etc. 


If no existing reference is provided, I can design the character but be aware of fee for this case, it depends on the details. I will require photo/art references or a mood board for each part of the character. 

for rigging:

standard start from ~$650 

(Basic movement XYZ for head, body, mouth and eyes tracking)

COMPLEX contact for more details

(included standard rigging + physics hair, clothes, etc. optional: sad/happy/surprise trigger)


✔ I accept doing the rigging, with rigging fee (details below). 

✔ Requests more likely to be accepted:

✔ You will receive a .psd that is cut, cleaned and ready for rigging.

✔I recommend you have an IOS Device with faceID to use Vtube Studio for the best use of the model.

▪ ​Vtubers take time, I don't do rush jobs. Delivery expectancy is around 1-2 weeks after confirming starting the artwork.

 ▪ Credit my twitter (@OSIIMIARTIST) for the illustration.

 ▪ I will hand the rig-ready file to your rigger. If you want the file for other artists to potentially add additional outfits accessories etc to, that will be a one-off $500 fee for the .psd.

 ▪ Major adjustments late stage in the process will result in additional fees.

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